Carbon Music Discord Bot

High quality music directly into your voice channels!

Carbon is a state-of-the-art audio entertainment system, with high quality 24/7 music.

Carbon has been developed with audiophiles in mind. We don't cheap out on audio quality and strive to provide the best possible audio quality completely for free, with the option of customising the look of Carbon for a small monthly fee.

Play music in voice channels

play (song name or song link)

Carbon will automatically join your voice channel and start playing the song as requested!

Smart queue system


queue-edit shuffle

queue-edit remove-song (song name)

A smart queue system with shuffle and specific-song-removal capabilities


24/7 Music & Smart queue & song looping


loop queue

loop song

Ability to turn Carbon into your very own radio station with 24-7 music along with queue and song looping!

Ability to skip multiple songs at once!

skip (amount)